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Anti-Aging Firming Treatment

Leiser offers anti-aging facials based on the use of isoflavones that provide excellent results because it is a powerful component that helps address the hormonal deficiencies. We use the best cosmetic firms to give you the most excellent results in combination with radiofrequency application

Vitamin C Treatment

The skin is constantly subjected to external aggressors that may accelerate the natural aging process. It does not always possess sufficient natural resources to repair the damage. Vitamine C treatment repairs an prevent visible signs of premature aging because it uses specific cosmetic by Natura Bissé that contains protecting, antioxidant, firming and lightening properties.

Oxygen treatment

To regenerate and develop their functions, cells must maintain the optimum level of oxygen. Factors such as pollution, solar radiation and nicotine among others, deprive our skin of this vital element, causing the skin to lose its youth and splendor. The oxigen our bodies receive disminishes with time, wich causes our skin to lose vitality and radiance. OXIGEN line products contain hydrogen peroxide molecules (penetrate through the skin and break down into water and oxygen supply power and vitality), Oxy-Flow (an innovative molecule that carries oxygen to the skin and removes carbon dioxide), and Living Water (natural water where the algae Spirulina is cultivated, and thus acquires all the nutritional benefits of seaweed as amino acids, vitamins and trace elements essential to help maintain firmness and elasticity of the skin) . This treatment revitalizes,purifies and decongest the skin restoring its youthfulness and glow.

Peeling – Glycolic, Salicylic, Vitamin C

Different peelings are indicated for facial rejuvenation, stimulation of the skin, the treatment of cutaneous pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.

Facial hygiene

The facial is a procedure that is not aggressive, designed to improve the appearance of the skin, correct the dilatation of the pores, remove the more superficial cells and “comedones ”

The procedure takes about 50 minutes to an hour, 
 and after cleaning the face, a facial lymphatic drainage is done through face and neck. This facial consist on four steps: peeling, extraction, decongestion 
 and skin nutrition