Sports massage

This type of massage is a skilled technique going deep into the muscle, it is extremely effective in the treatment and prevention of muscular injuries. This massage is for anyone, not just sports people and is used to treat a range of muscular issues including:

* Reduction of scar tissue
* Improvement in flexibility
* Increased recovery process
* Reduction of swelling
* Muscle soreness and stiffness
* Musculo-skeletal balance
* Sports Related Injury
* Occupational Related Pain
* (Back Pain, Repetitive Strain etc)

A Relaxing & Therapeutical Experience

A calming, soothing massage to relax the body and mind, reducing the stresses and tensions of everyday life and helping to create a sense of well being within.
Promotes the lymphatic system to cleanse the body of impurities while improving circulation. A gentle massage leaving you calm and relaxed.